Homemade Egg McMuffin with a Toaster

Now I know I’m not the first to inform you of this fact: breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and essential for a healthy and balanced diet. If you’re trying to be skinny – this fact is even more true as it helps keep you from binging later on in the day cause you’re so friggin’ hungry!

So here comes Back to Basic’s Egg-and-Muffin Toaster & Egg Poacher to the rescue!

This toaster is the HG (Holy Grail) product of all breakfast making appliances. Basically, this machine does it all: it toasts your toasts, poaches your eggs, and steams your breakfast meat of choice, all at once, in less than 5 minutes! I got mine for only $29.99 at amazon.com.

I’ve been using this baby non-stop since I got it, not only because it’s so easy to use, but the end-result is actually quite yummy! For those of you who are calorie-watching, this is a filling low-calorie food too! (Not anorexic skinny though, sorry…)


1 English Muffin – 100 calories
(I recommend Thomas’s 100-calorie English Muffin as it keeps the taste of a real English Muffin, but not Nature’s Own 100-calorie Multi-Grain as that ish tastes like cardboard)
1 Egg – 74
2 Slices of Canadian Bacon – 30
1 Slice of Kraft Singles Cheese (optional) – 60
Total: 264 calories w/cheese, 204 calories w/o

There you go, protein, dairy, fiber, all in one healthy balanced meal!!

Using this Egg McMuffin Toaster is super easy. All you have to do is rip your english muffin in half, stick it into the two toaster slots.

Then, fill your cooking tray with the indicated amount of water. Next, spray your egg tray with a touch of Pam or any other non-cooking spray. You can use oil to grease it up too, but it just won’t taste as good for some weird reason. Next, layer your meat tray on top of the egg tray, you can either put canadian bacon, or for you sausage lovers, put a piece of frozen sausage patty on top. Stick the lid on, and off you go! 4 minutes later, you should have everything cooked. At the end of the steaming session, be sure to shake out all the water from your breakfast meat & egg, or else it’d make your muffin soggy.

Me? I tried to be fancy this time around and make my sandwich a bit more classy by adding some guacamole & tomatoes to it. I first saw it at a McDonald’s in Sydney and have been hooked to it since. Maybe those aussies are onto something.

Either way, bon appetit!

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