CLOSED: Bottomless Mimosa Brunch at Lime SF

RIP Lime. Lime SF officially closed on June 4, 2012. For more details regarding why this popular joint has been shut down, you can see the article here

Now to my tribute to lime…

Continuing my four part series of bottomless mimosa brunches in the Bay Area, next on the list is Lime SF.


Lime SF feels like a Vegas Day Club
Shots before noon anyone?


Lime is the only place I know in the San Francisco Bay Area that I can truly call a day club, Vegas style. Located in the Castro, Lime draws in quite a diverse crowd of 20-somethings looking to have a great time in the daytime. So just a warning, don’t come here if you don’t like crowds, not in the mood to drink, and hate noise. (edit: I forgot to add that if you’re a homophobe, this place might not be for you either because a makeout sesh between a same-sex couple is the norm here.)
Lime is known for their bottomless mimosas, not because they taste particularly amazing, but because of the ambiance, Top 40 and House DJ sets and the crowd- and boy is it crowded. So given that, Lime is a great place for celebrations and is a guaranteed party. The bottomless mimosa is the cheapest around priced at $7 for regular mimosas and $10 for pomegranate mimosas, available for Saturday and Sunday brunch.
So with its reputation as a party brunch, if you’re looking for a good food, look elsewhere. The brunch at Lime is only mediocre at best and is meant to be eaten after 3 glasses of mimosas – to be consumed because if you don’t eat it, you might pass out.



imagiCal Reunion

Our group of 10 got here right on time at 10:30 AM for our reservation (to be made about a month in advance). I believe we were the biggest group there and therefore were seated at the biggest seating area. I probably wouldn’t come with a group much bigger than that if you expect to sit together. Lime is insanely popular and busy on the weekends so I highly recommend making a reservation if you have a large group.

In another experience, I came with a group of 8 at noon, and the wait for a table was three hours long. Because Lime is so busy, you are only allotted two hours at your table and after that, you can head out to the front of the restaurant where you will find a dance party with a full bar waiting for you with $2 refills on mimosas. Also to note, Lime is also a great place to meet singles in the city. A friend of mine actually met her current boyfriend here, so, definitely dress to impress, you never know what will happen at Lime.


Lime SF
2247 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 621-5256

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