SF: Bottomless Mimosa Brunch at Circa

Friday, February 11, 2011

Third up on my Bottomless Mimosa review series in the Bay Area is Circa in San Francisco's Marina District. (Check out my other two reviews here: Cafe Biere and Lime)

Circa is a nice choice for bottomless mimosa brunch if you're looking for a balance of good brunch food and a good time with friends. Their restaurant is separated into two sections, one's a bar/lounge and the other is a sit-down dining area. They were able to accommodate our group of 17 with a reservation, but we had to separate into two groups, one table for 12 and the other for 5. Their $9 bottomless mimosas are served on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am - 3pm with a two hour serving limit.

Circa offers a Benedict Sampler for $10 that I'm quite fond of, considering I am a huge eggs benedict fan - can you tell? I've ordered a benedict in brunch reviews so far...

I had the Nova, a smoked salmon benedict served with a dill-lemon hollandaise and the Bearnaise, a grilled beef tenderloin benedict served with a tarragon-shallot hollandaise. While they have quite a choices for their sampler, I won't say this is the best benedict I've ever had. However, I enjoyed that I didn't have to completely sacrifice decent food for a Sunday Funday with friends (ahem, Lime...). Next time I would like to try the Oscar, a dungeness crab and asparagus benedict as well as the Italian which has pancetta with a roasted tomato-basil sauce.

Lobster & White Truffle Mac-n-Cheese

I don't recall if we were just hungry after our meal or we were just being fatties, but my friends and I decided to order their Lobster & White Truffle Mac-n-Cheese which I'm glad we did! Though the price is a bit steep at $10 for a small serving, this mac and cheese was well balanced with their chunks of lobster, hint of white truffle and the right amount of creaminess of the cheese. I would definitely order this again in a heartbeat.

2001 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 351-0175

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