Ippudo Ramen

Ippudo is the trendiest place that you can get a bowl of ramen in Manhattan. It has all the qualities of what makes a popular New York restaurant: the decor is modern and fun, the food is simply delicious, the wait easily ranges from 1-2 hours, and topped off with a price tag that reminds you that you’re in New York.

ippudo ramen

Ippudo Bar
The bar area in the front of Ippudo, Pro Tip: you can order the pork buns here if you don’t want to wait for ramen


Ippudo Open Kitchen

Ippudo started out as a hugely popular chain in Japan brought over by Shigemi Kawahara, aka the Ramen King. There is only one Ippudo here in the US and I am frequently reminded of how blessed we are by its presence.
Whenever there’s someone visiting, you can bet that we make a stop here for two simple reasons: their amazing Hirata Pork Buns and a bowl of Akamaru Modern ramen. These pork buns are simply amazing. The steamed bun is perfectly steamed, the pork falls apart with every bite and with the crunch of the lettuce and spice of the mayo – this really is heavenly.
Heaven in your mouth comes with a price though – two of these pork buns go for $9 an order.
In infamous Pork Buns at Ippudo, this is my FAVORITE part of each Ippudo meal
Ippudo menu
Ippudo’s most popular ramen, the Akamura Modern


Next up is the Akamaru Modern Ramen. The Tonkatsu broth has a very deep flavor that hits you differently the more you taste it, making you want more. Their handmade noodles are perfectly al dente with just the right bounce to it – chewy without being soft. Finally the pork is perfectly tender, it’s everything you hope your ramen would be and more.
The first time I had Ippudo when I was visiting New York, I didn’t appreciated it as much as I do now. Partly because I never thought of myself as a ramen connoisseur, I knew it was good, just not how good. But, the more I come here and the more I visit other ramen joints, I am coming to understand the beauty of Ippudo ramen.
The two hour wait isn’t NY Hype – Ippudo is truly worth the wait. And, for what it’s worth, you can always put your name down, go grab a drink at a nearby bar and come back just in time for a perfect  treat.
Tip: Be sure to ask for the garlic press if you like garlic! It pairs well with the tonkatsu broth of the Akamaru Modern Ramen, and adds another layer of flavor!

Ippudo NY | Yelp
65 4th Ave
(between 9th St & 10th St)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 388-0088

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