How to Add GIFs to your Blog

Lately I’ve been sharing a lot of food gifs on the blog, all because of a new feature on Google+, Auto Awesome.

Using G+’s Auto Awesome feature is super easy. There’s quite a few features, my 2 favorites is Motion and Pano. Motion is easily made by uploading 5 or more taken in succession – G+ will automatically make a gif of it! Who doesn’t love more gifs?

Another awesome one I’ve found is that if you take several pictures of the same scene, it will automatically make a Panoramic. Here’s my favorite one, taken from the backyard of our house during Coachella 2013. (Click picture to enlarge.)

I have to note that I actually don’t love sharing photos on social networks for many reasons. I might go into why in future posts, however being able to share albums privately with a few close friends on Google+ is pretty cool, and then these added features make it that much more exciting for me when I do.

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