Noms: Mass Order of Cronuts

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm starting a new section of the blog called Noms. I always have food pics that don't end up in long posts. Here's my first Noms.

I'm no stranger to Cronuts and I'm guessing you aren't either. I first had my bite a few months ago and documented it all here in Battle of Cronuts vs Doughssants. I mentioned that you could actually order a mass order of cronuts. While it's not the easiest thing to do to get that order in, it can be done.

That said, feast your eyes on, mass order of cronuts:

For a great start to my hump day, the big boss ordered us these nice treats for our meeting at work. So, in case you ever wondered what a mass order of 50+ Cronuts look like, consider this mystery solved.

September's flavor is Fig Mascarpone which didn't amaze me. The second time around, I still found the cronut particularly greasy, chewier than a regular croissant and generally not worth camping out for. However, if you put it in front of me, I will eat it!

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