My NYC Bucket List

I haven’t talked about this much on the blog, but I’ve been feeling extra anxious lately. With all these people going to California, it is reminding me of my ever-looming back to California as well. And… I’m freaking out. While I don’t have the exact dates for when it’s going to happen, all I know is that it will be soon. Eek!! It’s happening end of summer 2015!

I’m so back and forth between how I feel about moving back to California. On one hand, I love NYC so much. My life and daily routines are set here now. Seriously, how am I going to leave my favorite spin instructor ever?? But then there’s also winter. No, not the romanticized, “YAY! snow on Christmas Day!” winter. I’m talking about “OMFG, why is it still SNOWING in late April??” winter.

I’m also so excited to be back with my family in California and to finally have a kitchen that isn’t right next to my couch. That last part is literal. My couch really is right next to my kitchen, so I definitely won’t miss that. Maybe I’ll post a picture in the next few weeks of my NYC kitchen to share with you, and so I can look back in the future and laugh.

Anyway, for the most part, I’m almost ready to move back. Except, I still have a ton of things I want to make sure I eat and see before leaving! Better start chipping away at it now before we get a date for sure and I’m rushing to see and eat ALL THE THINGS.

So without further ado, here’s my New York City Bucket list (I cheated on some on my See & Do list, but it’s stuff I’ve done lately that should belong on any good bucket list!).


  1. Momofuku Ko for lunch
  2. Last meal at Eleven Madison Park
  3. Le Bernardin 
  4. 15 East and/or Sushi Yasuda
  5. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse
  6. Try 3-5 more NEW ramen places – Mu Ramen, Ramen Lab, ???
  7. Russ & Daughters Cafe
  8. Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn
  9. Have Italian food in the Bronx
  10. Lamb burger at Breslin
  11. One last Zabar’s trip
  12. Laconda Verde for Brunch
  13. ABC Kitchen
  14. Gato (Bobby Flay)
  15. Rotisserie Duck at Momofuku Bo Ssam

See & Do

  1. 9/11 Memorial
  2. Guggenheim Museum
  3. Rooftop at the Met
  4. Walk the Brooklyn Heights Promenade at Night
  5. Picnic at Brooklyn Bridge Park
  6. Go to Cloisters to see leaves changing color
  7. Liberty State Park
  8. Comedy Cellar
  9. Brooklyn Bowl
  10. Go to one more sample sale
  11. Go to US Open
  12. See show at Radio City (Saw Jason Mraz!)
  13. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
  14. Do Brooklyn Brewery Tour

After feeling a little guilty about the non-healthy activities…


  1. Try Barry’s Bootcamp
  2.  Do 5 more Soul Cycle classes
  3. Try 3 new gym classes at Crunch
  4. Should I try Class Pass?
What else should I add to this list? I feel like there’s so many NYC Musts!

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