30 Things I Want To Do Before 30

This November marks the last year of my 20s. How did we get here so fast? Life flies by with the blink of an eye nowadays so I want to focus my time and energy on the things that matter to me the most.

After giving my life priorities some thought, I created this 30 by 30 list. I loved going through this exercise of finding 30 things big and small that seem achievable individually, but when put together I know will make a big splash in my life.

I’m excited to come back to this list in 365 days to see what actually gets done, but I’ll surely be making blog updates before my year is up. Wish me luck!


  1. Try The Whole 30 Program (aka The Ultimate Paleo diet: more info here)
  2. Finish all 24 weeks of BBG1 and BBG2
  3. Conquer the Crow Pose (aka practice yoga more)
  4. Run a 10k: Bay to Breakers! – already signed up!
  5. Hit my weight goal


  1. Host a themed dinner party
  2. Learn to make 3 signature cocktails
  3. Cook around the world: learn cook 6 dishes total from at least 3 different countries/cultures
  4. Build my backyard vegetable garden


  1. Take parents out on a fun day trip
  2. Plan quarterly “fun events” with extended family
  3. Learn 5 Chinese recipes from family – Mom’s vegetarian sour noodle soup, something fun from Uncle Mike
  4. Cook a vegetarian meal for mom
  5. Document extended family’s birthday in calendar

Personal Growth

  1. Get a promotion
  2. Learn and practice calligraphy
  3. Paint a large canvas for the house
  4. Curate my Capsule Wardrobe (see Capsule Wardrobe 101 from unfancy.com)
  5. Earn $1 from my business idea, “BB”
  6. Figure out my decorating style: Create one entire space in house that I feel is “Pinterest worthy” and then put it on Pinterest


  1. Post five new Whole 30 recipes
  2. Foodies Guide to NY
  3. Things I’ve learned living in NYC post
  4. Maintain an editorial calendar


  1. Clean out my junk from parent’s house
  2. Replenish emergency fund
  3. Volunteer in the East Bay
  4. Make photo books for Italy and Iceland trip
  5. Build a piece of furniture from scratch (buying real wood, staining wood, etc)
  6. Finish 30 by 30 list 😉

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