Baby Yoda Empanada

Welcome to the new decade! January 1, 2020 is too epic of a date for me not to post anything, so I bring you… Baby Yoda Emapanda.

Our family spent a lot of time with the Star Wars franchise this holiday season. We watched The Rise of Skywalker on Christmas Eve, and we binged the whole Mandalorian series on Disney+. So naturally, when our family got together a few days ago to make empanadas, Baby Yoda was on my mind.

Empanadas as Baby Yoda, why not!?

By the time my Yodas came out of the oven, I couldn’t help myself but to complete the look. And that’s the story of how Baby Yoda Empanada came into my life to spark joy for the last few hours of 2019.

Hope you’ve had a enjoyable holiday season, wishing you a great start to 2020! 🥳

May the force be with you as you do random things that bring you joy in life.

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