Cherry Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Did I ever tell you about my fruit-phobia? I know, this basically goes against everything that a fitness foodie should be. Don’t even get me started on how silly I know it all is. It’s something I grew up fearing – if you accidentally choose the wrong piece of fruit, it can have a weird texture, be super sour. I’d rather stick with my basics like watermelon and banana.

I’ve been slowly overcoming this strange aversion to fruit. In the last year, I have been exposing myself to fruits that normal people eat. I’m talking about things like fresh blueberries, raspberries and cherries which seem completely normal, but I’m so proud of myself for finally enjoying. I’ve also been wanting to step out of my smoothie comfort zone as well. In an attempt to expand my fruit smoothie horizons, I picked up a bag of frozen cherries to turn into a smoothie.

I thought about what other flavors worked well with cherry and vanilla came to mind. I asked J, cherries + my vanilla protein, that’s not weird is it? He looked at me like…umm… Hello, Cherry Vanilla Coke?…. duh?! Not sure how I forgot about that classic combo, and if Coke can make a soda flavor out of it, it must be delicious.

Even after I finished blending my smoothie, I hesitated a little before drinking it. What if it tasted weird/sour and I hated it? That’s the fear I usually have biting into a piece of fruit. Anyway, I decided to stop being a big baby and took my first sip. The flavor was sweet but also a little tart, but overall a good change of pace during the Clean Cleanse!

Cherry Vanilla Protein Smoothie

10 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 cup of frozen cherries
1/2 cup ice
2 tablespoon of brown rice vanilla protein powder
1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed
splash of vanilla extract

1. Add to blender. Blend until smooth and serve!

P.S. How do you like my impersonation of Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom painting? Masterpiece done at Paint Along with a glass of wine in hand. Think I’m a natural, am I right?

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