CLEAN 28, Day 4-5: Getting Sick or Toxins Escaping?

On Day 4, my morning started out with another Mango Avocado & Spinach smoothie. Yes, I know I just said yesterday that I will try to branch out, but… it is almost effortless for me to make and I love it so much.

Around lunch time, I started feeling a little drowsy and like I wanted to throw up. I’ve never really felt like this so I knew I had to call in sick for the rest of the day so I could go home and recover.

I’ve read that during the cleanse, you may feel symptoms of the flu as toxins are leaving your body. This holds true to both the Clean Cleanse which I am following, as well as just the Complete Body Cleanse pills from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. So what was it? Was I getting sick or am I feeling like this because of the cleanse? I’ve never had this happen to me before, so I mainly think it’s the flu.

The weather in New York in the past few days has been cold and rainy. On top of that, the Fall weather keeps flip flopping between cold and humid. My body doesn’t understand! To put it in perspective, it’s also flu season. There’s always a sick person coughing on me in the subway. Oh, and did I mention that the Doctor with Ebola in New York took the L train – the L train that I use to get to and from work?!

Paranoia set in. Once I got home I slept like a baby for 5 hours. I never take naps so this is really major and I felt a ton better afterwards.

Once I got a little bit better, I made some soup to help nurse myself back to health. This post could have easily been called Chicken Soup for the Soul because my next day and a half revolved around this Chicken Noodle Soup. Instead of egg noodles, I used brown rice spaghetti to make this Clean Cleanse complaint. Thank goodness I was able to eat this because it really nurtured my sick body and provided the warmth that I needed during every meal. And I mean, EVERY MEAL.

I’m talking breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am a simple gal and can really eat the same thing every day if I really like it. Chicken noodle soup is one of those things. I didn’t really care at this point that I was breaking the liquid breakfast and dinner rule. Getting better as fast as possible was worth it to me.

Whatever bug I had, I was much better by Friday night. Good enough to go to Friday spin class and also doing the BBG Abs & Arms Week 1 work out!

I had plans for Rebel Bingo with some friends so I had to quickly shower and get ready after my workout to meet up. This leaves basically no time for dinner, so I downed an entire mini jar of Chia Seed Pudding and took off.

I’ll save Rebel Bingo for tomorrow’s post, but overall I am glad that my small flu seems to have gone away and that I am ready to face the weekend!

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