Day 1: The Clean Cleanse is off to a Semi-Good Start!

I was planning to write a longer blog post today but it’s already getting pretty late. I still wanted to get an update in before I sleep.

Yesterday I told you about my reasons for doing The Clean Program and the goals I’m trying to achieve from it. With my head in the right place and all the food and supplements I needed today, I was off to a pretty good start.

Here’s what I had:


This morning, I woke up and decided to stick with my tried and true favorite, the Mango, Avocado & Kale smoothie. I had some spinach that I needed to use so I used it in place of the kale. I haven’t had this smoothie in a while and starting my day off with this reminded me of how quick and easy having a smoothie for breakfast is. These days, I usually skip breakfast which I know is not ideal since by lunch I’m usually starving.

The smoothie, as usual, was super creamy from the avocado and today I really tasted the almond butter that’s in it. Seriously delicious.


I think I went a little overboard with lunch but in tracking the calories on My Fitness Pal (more on that later), this clocked in at around 500 calories, so maybe not too bad. I had a grilled chicken salad with a bunch of mixed greens. I’m perfectly fine with dressing my salad with lemon juice and having it with chicken. Also had shredded carrots, roasted butternut squash, roasted cauliflower and roasted brussels sprouts. The roasted cauliflower was especially delicious because it was paired with a scallion olive oil and then had some red wine vinegar splashed on it which gave it some tartness. I will try to post a recipe for this soon.


At 4PM, I felt like a snack so I had a packet of Seaweed Snack. It’s lightly toasted in sesame oil and slightly salty. It really satisfies that crunch I love in my snacks. I also ended up eating some baby carrots with hummus from Trader Joe’s.


Every Monday I take a 60-minute spin class at 7:30pm, I love this routine and obviously had to go today. I was really exhausted during the class but I believe it is because I was pretty sore from my kickboxing workout on Saturday. (Part of my 10 Things I Want to Accomplish for 2014 to use up all 70 of my classes!) Will have to continue to report back to see how my progress goes.


I mentioned that my friend was visiting over the weekend. After spin, I went out to dinner with her since it was her last night here. We went to a Thai restaurant where I was debating if I should just wait to go home to make a smoothie or soup, or just order something that kind of fit within the cleanse. Since I was pretty starving, I opted for the latter which I’m pretty okay with.

I order the Tom Kha, which is a Thai coconut soup made with coconut milk, shitake mushrooms, scallions, and chicken. The soup tasted a bit sweet, so I know for sure they added sugar in it, something that’s not a part of the cleanse. Also note that I was supposed to have a liquid dinner, but I suppose this soup was close enough, considering what I would probably normally order at a Thai restaurant for dinner.

Funny thing is, after this meal, I felt perfectly satiated and didn’t need more, despite a hard workout. As I know from the past cleanse, I usually eat way more than I actually need to.  Also, tonight reminded me that if I know something is going to happen early in advanced, that I need to prepare a meal to bring with me so I don’t have to end up breaking the cleanse because I felt hungry.

Thanks for following me on this cleanse, will give another (maybe longer) update tomorrow!

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