Day 13-16: You can fool me, but you can’t fool yourself!

A much needed weekend is finally here! After a long and hard week at work, all I wanted to do at 8PM on a Friday night was relax with a glass of wine, or two…

As much as I wanted to, and as tempting as the possibility was, I knew deep down inside that I would be betraying myself straying off the cleanse. Then I also thought about the blog, how was I going to write to you and say, “Whoops! I slipped, helped myself to a glass of wine.” – thank you for keeping me accountable.

So today’s blog title is a quote from my 8:30AM Saturday Morning Spin class instructor …

“You can fool me, but you can’t fool yourself!”

Photo Credit to Well & Good NYC

He kept telling us and it echoed in my head – I can’t fool myself. He told us to turn up the resistance, something he clearly can’t control for us, but all he could do was encourage us to go faster than we ever had before. As I kept going harder and faster, I kept thinking about how relevant that was to the cleanse.

Did I or did I not have a doughnut on Day 16? (Hint: No.)

I know that I’m definitely not a model citizen when it comes to following all of the rules for the Clean Program. Even though I can avoid talking about how I “cheated” on the cleanse, at the end of the day, I would have known that I cheated, and honestly you can’t fool yourself!

If you’re doing this cleanse, then you already know that this is really to benefit your overall health. So do yourself a favor and follow through. Even when your head is screaming “NO MORE CLEANSE!”, I am telling you – “You can do it!!!” Go ahead and think of my spin instructor yelling at you to go past what you thought was your breaking point.

So as much as my body and mind told me that I really needed some wine, I didn’t give in. I even sat with only water that night at a bar with friends, and just thought, what’s 7 more days?

Going to spin the next morning with a ton of energy just helped solidify what a great decision I made. I know that in a cleanse, it’s really hard to adapt to new habits. If you’re reading this blog post looking for inspiration to carry you through, I am telling you now, believe in yourself, try to push a little further than what you think is possible.

Don’t sell yourself short, keep at it and finish the detox you set out to do, your body deserves it!

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