Day 7: Getting Bored with the Cleanse

TGIF – it’s been a long week at work and Friday couldn’t have come sooner. During the first part of my cleanse, I felt really good and excited about going into the cleanse and coming out a healthier Shelly. I’ve been working out, eating healthy and not even really noticing too much that I was “cleansing”.

I think having to do this cleanse the second time around also helps me set expectations of myself. I know what I’m getting myself into, and I already know that it’s not that bad. However, there was something about this first Friday of the cleanse that got me a bit sad.

For one thing, I was getting bored of lunch. 

Grilled Chicken Salad, 5th time this week. Don’t get me wrong, I really love my veggies, but day after day after day of eating the same thing, this salad finally has got to me – I’m finally bored if it.

Then at around 3PM, I started thinking about the weekend. Weekends for me usually includes some delicious meals and cocktails. However, I knew what was looming in the air for me: the cleanse. This was one of the few times since I’ve started a week ago that I was dreading being clean.

In my slight depression, I picked up the only snack that I could come up with that I thought would make me feel a bit better…
As I was eating this, I honestly did feel a little bit better. The Almond Butter on its own was so savory yet a bit sweet. And sadly, I recalled that I haven’t eaten an apple by itself since the last time I’ve had an apple, which was to dip it in Dulce De Leche from Argentina. Woops.

Note to self: Eat more fruit.

I continued working, but continued to feel a little bit sad about not being to enjoy my usual weekend activities. So I started to figure out something else that I could cook that would be a bit more flavorful than my bland lunch. I know that the usual plan for the Clean Program is to have 2 liquid meals and 1 solid for the day. However, I figured since I was in a slump anyways, why not go ahead and Treat Yo’Self!

So I went wild and made something that packed in some serious flavor…

Clean Fajitas! (Recipe here) Since Fajitas usually has red bell peppers in it, I had to take that portion out, but otherwise, I added all the same key spices to the chicken: cumin, cilantro, garlic, lime juice. I had that marinate for 15 minutes, and then stir-fried it with onions, garlic. Add some quinoa and avocado on the side, and I seriously had the time of my life with this dinner.

This meal really hit the spot for me and kind of lifted my spirits from the day. A bit crazy that my world revolves around food, but I mean…I do own a food blog right?

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