Frozen Kale Ice Cubes for Green Smoothies!

Ever accidentally buy more greens than you can eat or blend? I find myself always picking up a bag of baby spinach and tuscan kale whenever I go to Trader Joe’s only to find myself not being able to finish them before it begins to spoil.

You know the smell, when a few leaves begins to rot inside the bag and the whole bag just smells funky. Instead of binge eating kale for your next three meals, why not try making these kale (or spinach) ice cubes?
Blending the kale with water makes it super easy to freeze and even easier for you to pop some greens into your smoothies. Definitely a win-win situation here since you will always have some of these on hand to use even if you don’t have any fresh greens to use.
Pour the blended kale into ice trays, freeze them and now you’ll always have greens available for all your smoothie making needs! I store them in a ziplock bag once it’s completely frozen. 4-5 of these babies work great in my favorite smoothie.

One final note, just because you now have the power of frozen kale at your disposal, doesn’t mean you should abuse it. I recently decided to throw some of these babies into my mixed berries smoothie and the bitter taste of the kale completely took over the smoothie.

Friends don’t let friends make kale and mixed berries smoothies. A close friend who I’ve recently convinced to do the Clean Program with me made the same mistake with fresh kale and the results were bad. So now I’m passing on our learnings to you, just don’t do it.

Frozen Kale or Spinach Ice Cubes

3 cups of fresh kale/spinach
1/2 cups of water

1. Blend & Freeze. Blend until greens break down completely. Pour into ice cube tray. Freeze & store in zip lock bag!

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