LB Steak at Santana Row

This post is for my co-worker Patrick – he recently had major jaw surgery and can’t chew solid food… =[

This is what we had for lunch today at LB Steak at Santana Row in San Jose for Antony’s birthday… enjoy!




My Skirt Steak Chopped Salad

French Dip Sandwich & Huge Burger – note the huge bacon on the top!

Alright! Hope you enjoyed these pictures Patrick!! =D

Quick Review

To be honest, there was nothing to memorable about my meal here, although the decor was quite swanky, there was nothing else that would bring me back. Yelp gives it 3.5 stars, I give it 3 for the food, 4 for service, and 5 for decor with a 4 star price.
The 3 star for the food alone wouldn’t bring me back, unless it was another prearranged social outing. It’s okay Pat! You didn’t really miss out – they didn’t even have a blender for us to use!!

LB Steak
344 Santana Row
Suite 1000
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 244-1180

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