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Who’s ready for brunch? After looking at these pictures for Clinton Street Baking Company, I know I sure am! Like any true New York brunch hot spot, the wait time for brunch at Clinton St. will take you anywhere from an hour to two and a half hours for weekend brunch.

Blueberry Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter, easily the best thing you’ll ever taste during brunch

Gawking into the empty restaurant at 8:30, the restaurant is small and seats less than 15 parties

They open at 9am, but I can assure you by 9:05am the restaurant is completely full and you will have to wait an hour at least. How do I know this? 

J’s serious about his brunch (and not waiting), so he’s made me come here at 8:30 on a Saturday morning to try this magical pancake. At around 8:30am, there were already quite a few other  hardcore brunchers lined up and signed up on the waiting list. We were lucky enough to be the last table seated – can you imagine?

If we came at 8:35, we would have already been TOO LATE.

In another experience, I came here at 11AM for a table for 3 and we actually had to wait close to 2.5 hours. Yikes! Luckily, they take down your phone number and will text you when your table’s ready. What did the 3 of us decide to do as we waited? Pre-brunched of course 😉 But more about that another time.

The menu at Clinton Street Baking Company
Check out those specials, yum!

Clinton St. is also known as Clinton St. Bakery for their bakery that sits right in front of the restaurant. In case you didn’t want to wait hours for brunch, you can start by just grabbing a few pieces of cake, muffins and other baked goods along with coffee.

The pastries at Clinton Street, available starting 8am on the weekends

As we were waiting to be seated, I was able to glance over the Clinton St. Baking Company Cookbook that was sitting out in the front. This cookbook is a dream come true for anyone who loves cooking brunch foods. Guess what the secret is to making a great fluffy pancake? A chef’s favorite ingredient, butter!

Spiked Arnold Palmer & Spiked Mexican Chocolate drinks – both delicious

Peeped into the kitchen, to see the star of Clinton St. being mass produced – look how perfectly sized they are!

As a self-proclaimed “not a sweets person”, this Wild Maine Blueberry pancake turned me into a sweets person. I love the crunchy exterior of each pancake, yet fluffy interior that just melts into your mouth as you bite in. The warmed maple butter is another essential that makes these pancakes to die for!

Seriously, these pancakes are worth the wait. However, if you come at an off peak time, or even for dinner, you can also order these amazing pancakes because it’s served all day long.

The best pancake in the world along with warm maple butter

If sweets aren’t your thing (ha), you will also have to try the sugar-cured bacon. Essentially these bacon strips are baked with brown sugar sprinkled on top – and believe me, it is addictive. In this Southern Breakfast, there will be fried green tomatoes, fried eggs, grits and of course this sugar cured bacon.

Even if you don’t order this southern breakfast, I urge you to order the bacon on the side. If you like bacon, you will not be disappointed.

Southern Breakfast – love the fried green tomatoes

I don’t wake up at 8am on a Saturday often, but I will wake up at 8am on a Saturday for an amazing brunch at Clinton St. They seriously make the best pancakes in all of Manhattan and that’s a big claim.

So come here and get these pancakes and bacon TODAY. If you don’t want to wait for brunch, you can check out their Hours of Operations to figure out how to make a reservation for dinner and other strange restrictions.

Clinton Street Baking Co. | Yelp

4 Clinton St
(between Avenue B & Houston St)
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

(646) 602-6263

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