Update: 30 Things I Want To Do Before 30

Hello World, it’s me!

This week marks my one year anniversary of my move from New York to California. I’m telling ya, it’s been a hell of a ride thus far. It took a lot to feel settled in emotionally and mentally which is why I’ve been so MIA lately. I really wanted to focus on finding myself in California and dedicated my attention to that.

It’s been a nice to be a bit quiet on the social media front, but I’ve missed blogging a lot. I’ve done so much in the last year and I can’t wait to share those things with you! But, first things first, let’s check in on the progress I’ve made on my 30 Things I Want to Do Before 30 list.

I turn 30 in November so realistically, I only have 2 more months left to complete my list. Going through the list now, I feel that there are a few things I wrote in the list that I don’t really feel like pursuing anymore given a shift in priorities.

I appreciate being able to look at what I thought was important and reflecting on what is and isn’t based on my actions taken. I don’t necessarily feel the need to beat myself up for not getting this list done, because this list has helped guided me to do more than I would have accomplished this year without it.

Without further ado…


  1. Try The Whole 30 Program (aka The Ultimate Paleo diet) – DONE 
    It’s no secret that I love trying different “trendy” diets, so it was about time that I got into Paleo. I’ll write more detailed blog posts about this, but overall, I loved my experience so much that I’m actually currently doing it again.
  2. Finish all 24 weeks of BBG1 and BBG2 – 50%
    A bit ashamed here, but I dropped the ball on this one. I’m currently on Week 4 of BBG1 (Bikini Body Guide workouts), so it’s unlikely that I’ll even get to BBG2 before I’m 30, but I’m dedicated to finishing the first one.
  3. Conquer the Crow Pose (aka practice yoga more) – 0%
  4. Run a 10k: Bay to Breakers!- DONE 
    Super happy that I finished this! Ran it at a 1:24:51 time, at a 11:23 pace, which I’m pretty proud of considering I didn’t do much training beforehand. Also, note to self, Bay to Breakers isn’t really about running, it’s about dodging drunk people which took a lot of energy out of me during the first 4 miles.
  5. Hit my weight goal – 15% 
    Not entirely sure how this one will play out…but a girl can dream. 🙂


  1. Host a themed dinner party – 0%
    Haven’t done this one yet, but will likely host mas-giving this year, which is a little bit after my birthday, should be close enough?
  2. Learn to make 3 signature cocktails – 0%
    Will have to work on this one soon.
  3. Learn & cook 6 dishes total from at least 3 different countries/cultures – 0%
    I think this one can be done, will work on finishing this in the next 2 months.
  4. Build my backyard vegetable garden – DONE
    I’m absolutely in love with my backyard garden, will share my experience as a first time gardener in a full post soon!


  1. Take parents out on a fun day trip – DONE
    My brother and I took my parents to Napa and Monterery trips earlier this year and it was so fun! I hope to do this more often.
  2. Plan quarterly “fun events” with extended family – 75%
    Making good progress, I’ve hosted a few BBQs at my place for the fam so I think it’s in progress.
  3. Learn 5 Chinese recipes from family – Mom’s vegetarian sour noodle soup, something fun from Uncle Mike – 0%
    Work in progress
  4. Cook a vegetarian meal for mom – 0%
    This one shouldn’t be too hard right?
  5. Document extended family’s birthday in calendar – 50%
    Outsourced this to a cousin who is currently working on our family tree on Ancestry.com

Personal Growth

  1. Get a promotion – DONE
    My proudest achievement this year!!!!! It’s what I was focused on, forgoing updating the blog and some of my fitness goals. But it’s done and I couldn’t be happier! #girlboss
  2. Learn and practice calligraphy – 50% (2017 Update: DONE, here’s a blog post)
    Got into brush lettering with markers, just bought some tips and ink and will likely get started on the real deal calligraphy soon! I did hand lettering for my save the dates, so will continue to practice!
  3. Paint a large canvas for the house – 0%
    Currently too indecisive to make this happen
  4. Curate my Capsule Wardrobe (see Capsule Wardrobe 101 from unfancy.com) – 0%
    Feeling this is too limiting for me right now, putting it on hold for now
  5. Earn $1 from my business idea, “BB” – 0%
    Decided it wasn’t the best idea in terms of scalability and is too time consuming to be profitable. But, I did try!! maybe another fun idea will pop up that I can actually execute on.
  6. Create one entire space in house that I feel is “Pinterest worthy” and then put it on Pinterest – 25%
    Working through this, still working on my style, not sure if I can do this before 30, but who knows!


  1. Post five new Whole 30 recipes – 0%
    This one is totally achievable, there’s a few recipes that I’ve been using that I love so will have to share with you
  2. Foodies Guide to NY – 0%
    People keep asking me where to eat when they visit NYC, this one I must do
  3. Things I’ve learned living in NYC post – 0%
    Is it too late to do this one? We shall see!!
  4. Maintain an editorial calendar
    This one’s probably the hardest one, will have to figure out a plan on how I can work through all these things on the list in the next 2 months


  1. Clean out my junk from parent’s house – 0%
  2. Replenish emergency fund – 75%
    On track to make it there! I use SmartyPig for those who are wondering – I set this money aside and never look at it.
  3. Volunteer in the East Bay – 25%
    Starting to build connects to set this up. If I can’t find an opportunity, I will volunteer at a food bank soon.
  4. Make photo books for Italy and Iceland trip – 0%
    J really wants me to work on this, so I must!
  5. Build a piece of furniture from scratch (buying real wood, staining wood, etc)
    Not sure if it counts, but my uncle helped me build planter boxes from scratch this year… lol 🙂
  6. Finish 30 by 30 list 😉
    I’ve accepted that I won’t finish this list, but will try my best to do as much as I can and make an actionable plan to do it! Stay tuned.

Things I’ve Been Doing in 2016 That Wasn’t on the Original List

  1. Start a bullet Journal – DONE
    I’m the ultimate basic bandwagoner. Check out the craze here. In short, a bullet journal is a dotted journal where you become an anal person and draw out your own planners instead of buying it. It gives you the flexibility to adapt to your lifestyle and helps you be a bit creative. Been enjoying mine, but it is super time consuming.
  2. Travel More – DONE
    This summer, I spent 6 weeks exploring London, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, Spain, Korea, Macau, Hong Kong, China and Japan. SO much fun, many more posts to come about that!

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