What to Buy at Zabar’s for the Utlimate Central Park Picnic

You guys, havvvve you met Zabar’s? It’s only THE best store in Manhattan for meat, cheese and other noms for the ultimate charcuterie plate – aka – my picnic spread at Central Park. Yes, picnicing is a serious sport and I play to win.

If you have ever had a picnic at Central Park and haven’t picked up goodies from Zabar’s, let me ask you – What have you been doing with your life?

I know I know, for my homies who don’t travel north of 59th street, Zabar’s is a BIT far in the Upper West Side. But listen to this logic: since you are heading uptown to enjoy the amazing weather in Central Park anyway, hit up Zabar’s first. It is a win win situation.Yes, I will spend 30 minutes-plus transfering from the 6 to the S to the 1 for this. It’s THAT amazing!

I mean, just check out this spread. Here’s some of my favorites (and yes, I did supplement a few picnic items from TJ’s because no one beats their cheap prices!):
Black Peppercorn Salami: One of the best parts of going to Zabar’s is how friendly the staff are there. At the cured meat area, you can ask for recommendations (and samples!) and they will hook you up. Once you make your picks, they freshly slice the meat of your choice, so you can ask for as much or as little as you want. I usually get a quarter pound of a few things so I can have a nice variety.
Parma Prosciutto: thinly sliced pieces of piggy heaven, perfect for you to wrap around melon for a great savory and sweet juicy bite. A MUST in my book.

Besides those two meats, I love getting the hot sopressata or chorizo to help me make my adult lunchables. 🙂
Truffled Liver Mousse: If you’re fancy and you know it, get pate! They also have other varieties for you to choose from, and the guys behind the counter don’t judge you if you want a tiny sliver.
Who loves free samples?  This girl!

Ever since I got to sample these delicious Smoked Mussels from the seafood counter, I have not been able to go back! They’re SO fresh and smokey and just perfect with the horseradish sauce. I know that it’s a bit weird to bring seafood to a picnic, but I can’t help it!

Speaking of which, Zabar’s also sell all kinds of amazing smoked fish and and lox that they hand slice behind their deli counters. Yes, I am also that girl who brings smoked salmon to a picnic. Yolo!
Now that we have our proteins in, let’s quickly review other essentials:

Fruit because we have to pretend to be adults here and eat from all food groups.
Cheese is a must because we have to make our lunchables. Humboldt Fog is always a must for me, an amazing goat cheese, creamy and light and with just enough creamy softness on the edges.

Recently I’ve also been really into Delice de Bourgogne which is a super creamy cow’s milk cheese – was a popular choice discovered at Zabar’s!

Zabar’s is undoubtedly one of the most iconic foodie destinations in the city, so if you haven’t been, come ASAP and get your picnic on.

Pro-tip: skip the bagels at the deli located on the left corner (I think it’s just average to be honest), and go straight for all the good stuff behind the counters next door:Zabar’s 
2245 Broadway (corner of W80th Street)
New York, NY 10024
(212) 787-2000

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