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Day Six of my Seven 7×7 Restaurants in Seven Days series brings House of Prime Rib, a classic San Francisco Prime Rib spot that’s definitely worth visiting. Just make sure you make a reservation or else you will have a bit of a wait.

house of prime rib

House of Prime Rib

I remember my first time coming here, I was probably 10, and even at a young age I knew I was in for something special. Now, I wouldn’t say that this is the best prime rib meal I’ve ever had. However, I enjoy that even after 15 years, House of Prime Rib delivers the same experience for me time after time and I know exactly what to expect. It is a go-to place for celebrations and definitely works to be a non-vegetarian crowd pleaser.


The loaf of bread was lackluster, don’t stuff yourself with it. Soon after comes their amazing salad. It is an iceberg beet salad that is always tossed in front of you, with a dressing that is just to die for. There is nothing healthy about this salad, but their seasoning salt makes this the best unhealthy salad that I can ask for. Curious about this crack dressing? Here’s some discussion about it on Chowhound.
Sides include your choice of Baked Potato or Mashed Potatoes and Creamed Spinach or Creamed Corn. Each of these sides are made without any bells and whistles, it is simply delicious and classic. I love that they don’t try to reinvent the wheel with these sides and allows the main focus to be on the prime rib.



Now, for the main event, the meat cart! All of their prime rib is served out of the meat cart, and when you see it rolling around, be happy because the good part is coming…

Ordered my Prime Rib Medium-Rare, got a piece of amazing Medium-Rare Prime Rib. I love getting what I asked for. I can’t recall which cut this is, but based on your appetite, you can order various cuts of the prime rib. Great thing for most guys I’ve come here with, you can eat to your heart’s content because you can get free seconds, thirds, and hell, if you still have stomach capacity for it, fourths! At House of Prime Rib, you never leave hungry.

One of my girlfriends and I decided we weren’t too hungry, so we decided to split a plate. Note that there is a charge for this, it was $7.50 when I went. Even splitting this amazing prime rib with a friend, I was beyond satisfied and was food coma-ing by the end of the meal. Don’t get greedy though, splitting a plate means you can’t get seconds.

What’s a prime rib meal without some good ol’ Yorkshire Pudding? Served straight from the pan, this pudding was great for soaking up all the beef jus on the plate. Nom. Nom. Nom.

At the end of the meal, they decided to be extra special to our group – maybe because I told them about our Birthday Celebration – and gave us a souvenir to keep.

The bottom line is this, the prime rib at House of Prime Rib is definitely a 7×7 restaurant worth trying. Their drinks are strong and portions are plenty. What’s not to love about that?

House of Prime Rib
1906 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 885-4605 ‎

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