LA: Urth Caffé at Beverly Hills

This is the 4th post in my LA Food Tour, Spring 2013 series. Previous post includes Kang Ho Dong BaekjeongManhattan Beach Post, and Tsujita LA.

Now that I’m settled back in Manhattan, there is one brunch dish in LA that’s remained on my mind – this amazing Bread Pudding with caramelized banana served with steamed milk at Urth Caffé. I mean, just check out the glistening crunchy top on this banana…

Breaking it felt like breaking the top of a crème brûlée, and who doesn’t love that? Then, take this dish and pour steamed milk over it, and you have the best bread pudding, EVER.

Now if that doesn’t convince you that Urth Caffé is worth checking out, let me tell you more about this LA hot spot. There’s four locations, the one I went to was in Beverly Hills where there’s supposedly tons of celebrity sightings if you’re into that. (I know I am! Too bad we didn’t see anyone when I visited).

From the outside, it looks like a cute mom ‘n pop shop with its white fences. Inside, they have a variety of pastries, cakes and baked goods. They’re known for their organic coffee and super cute lattes with Hello Kitty foam on top.

I was yelled at while I took this pic since they seem to have a “no photos” policy – must be for the celebrities’ sake

But, since I came here post-cleanse, I was trying to explore the healthier options. Since we’re in LA, it was not too hard finding clean eats. Although they didn’t have the green juice I was craving, I settled for the Mixed Veggies Juice – carrot, beet, celery and ginger. Love that you can still see different juices tie-dyed with the foam on top. Yum!

Even their Oatmeal was fun. Full disclosure: I’ve actually never ordered oatmeal at a restaurant before, but I loved the different toppings here, especially their Urth Granola. It was also served with steamed milk on the side which was a fun way to let you control how thick you want your oatmeal to be.

To round out my healthy breakfast, we also got a fruit plate. Fuzzy berries actually creep me out, but I am finally growing to like blueberries!

In addition to these healthier items, we also ordered a Sunrise Pizza to share. It’s a breakfast pizza topped off with sausage, pancetta, mozzarella, potatoes, poached egg & sage butte and served with sage, cheese & hot chili oil on the side.

LOVED this pizza, especially dipping it in the runny yolk of the poached egg and topping it off with the hot oil and fresh sage.

Overall, Urth Caffé offers a great selection of basic breakfast foods from omelettes, sandwiches to quesadillas – you’re bound to find something that you’d want to eat!

Since we were here pretty early in the morning, there wasn’t a wait for a table, but given the popularity of this place, I’d say be prepared to wait for a table if you’re coming at peak brunch hours. The service is a bit slow. Took us about 30 minutes before we got our food from the time we ordered at the counter to the time we sat at an available table.

There’s 4 locations in LA in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Downtown, with a 5th one opening up in Pasadena soon. Definitely worth grabbing a bite if you’re in the area!

Urth Caffé at Beverly HillsYelp

267 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Neighborhood: Beverly Hills

(310) 205-9311

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