Kogi Truck, Korean Tacos in LA

This post is dedicated to Patrick W., who not only inspired me to finally write a blog post after a 1.5 month hiatus, but also is a HUGE fan of the Kogi Truck:

Any foodie in California should have heard about the infamous Kogi Taco Truck by now. It’s no wonder, with over 1000+ reviews on Yelp, why the Kogi Truck has such a huge following for its fusion tacos. Kogi is a pioneer, not only in its Korean Tacos, but also in its use of social media (Twitter) to help generate buzz. Unfortunately for me, these trucks (that’s right, there is more than one Kogi Truck!) reside only in LA-county!

After years of hearing about this beloved taco truck, I was lucky enough to be sent to LA for work on a Wednesday. As it turns out, the Kogi Truck shows up every Wednesday, 12PM-3PM, at the Yahoo! Center in Santa Monica. Score, and score! The Kogi Truck came straight to me – no need to stalk the truck like a feen. What foodie luck I have. =)

Knowing that there are always huge lines for the truck, my co-workers and I went to the truck location half an hour early (BEFORE the truck was even there, lol), but as it turns out, even that wasn’t early enough. There were a bunch of skater boys waiting there before us. Well, at least we knew we were in the right spot! After half an hour of waiting, the line grew exponentially and almost down an entire block+more.

Enough talk, here’s the grub:


I tried to try as much as possible to have a more objective view on the complete menu. Here’s what I got, listed from my favorite to my least favorite:

Spicy Pork Taco – $2

The Spicy Pork Taco was my favorite, hands down. The tortillas helped balance the heavy flavoring of the meat, a flavoring that’s inherent in most Korean BBQs. The “kimchee” gave it a refreshing crunch. I loved the vinaigrette that greens were tossed in, definitely not your typical bland iceberg lettuce topping.
Kogi Sliders – 2 for $5

The Kogi Sliders are another favorite amongst Kogi visitors, but for me, I felt like the Kogi Slider was just a mushy version of a Short Rib Taco (which I have not had, but saw). The bun itself soaks up all the sauce, which can make it quite delicious, but I am just a fan of corn tortillas – and the taco version would be cheaper! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Short Rib Burrito – $5


Finally, my least favorite of the day was the Short Rib Burrito, overall, it was just too overwhelming in flavor for me. It gets pretty heavy after 3-4 bites. As you can see, it’s chopped up short rib, plus…EGG (wtf) plus a TAD of greens. The egg made it a big pile of mush, and while it was still okay tasting, I really couldn’t eat too much of it. I definitely wouldn’t get this again.

Overall, I really really enjoyed the Kogi Truck, and if I went back next time, I would probably stick to getting the different tacos. I don’t know about you, but I love having variety in my food, and I feel like the tacos will give you a taste of different meats without it being too overwhelming.

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    Posted 2.2.12 Reply
  2. shien wrote:

    mmm… spicy pork tacos…. There's no shame in stalking like a feen when it's the kogi truck.

    Posted 2.2.12 Reply
  3. eatingwithderek wrote:

    I really really really reaaaallly want to try Kogi but never had the chance yet. Gotta make a trip to LA just for that!

    Posted 2.2.12 Reply
  4. MTrinh wrote:

    Nice job Shelly! Next time we need to go together.

    Posted 2.2.12 Reply
  5. LeAnne wrote:

    I totally agree about getting a variety. I wonder if they'll have fries next time!

    Posted 2.2.12 Reply
  6. PW wrote:

    Finally! This new post made me hungry…Damn, i need to go to LA again

    Posted 2.2.12 Reply